About The Author


I was born in Hettinger, North Dakota, in May 3, 1974, to Orville Evjen Sr. and Janet Bravecrow Evjen. At the age of 18, I lost both of my parents to an alcohol-related accident, and have been living in Turtle Lake, North Dakota since. I grew up in western South Dakota and near the standing rock Sioux reservation. My mother was a member and was Sioux; my father was the grandson of a Norwegian immigrant who came here in the 1840s. My grandfather Ole Evjen was born one hundred years before I was, in 1874. He and his family moved from Turtle Lake, North Dakota, to his brother’s homestead after his death, in South Dakota, where they lived until my father and mother’s passing in 1992. I have one brother, Pernell and half-sister Paula who live in North Dakota also. I have always loved history and the world of comic books; I practiced drawing comic art from the time I was six, and by the time I was thirty, I created a graphic novel on Lewis, Clark and Sakakawea. I am Christian and am very patriotic as I had four uncles that were in World War II. I try to instill those values into my storytelling and artwork.