About The Book


From his early childhood, Abraham Lincoln was a person who loved reading, and he loved reading about history. His favorite president was George Washington, our first president. His rocky childhood and his relationship with his father are some points I emphasized in his childhood years, also his view on religion. When he lost his mother to illness, this hit him very hard, and the sadness stayed with him.

This book also focuses on the hidden world that we never see, the spiritual world, where, throughout Abe’s life, he had a war going on around him. He was fighting for his very soul. Throughout Abe’s life, he had battled melancholy, and using demons and angels is one way of illustrating how the supernatural can affect our lives.

His love for women caused him many problems. Losing his first love, Ann Rutledge, was his first episode with melancholy. Then when he met his wife-to-be, Mary Todd, and could not commit, this was his second episode, but strangely enough, these episodes were worse than when he lost two of his children later in life.

Perhaps this was a way the otherworldly spirits or God or the universe was preparing him to be the president and to be a leader in the worst war in our history as a nation. The book ends with Lincoln becoming president, and this sets the stage for book 2.


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